Release Info

  • Version: 3.1
  • Previous version: 3.0.1
  • Branch: docendo-3.1
  • Status: stable
  • Release purpose: new features / bug fixes
  • Release manager: tittel
  • Release date: 2010-06-21

Important Changes

  • Implemented new way of organizing resources - the resource browser
  • The metadata editor has been re-implemented and works far better now
  • Some operations (exporting, editing license, assigning access rights) can now be done on multiple resources at once
  • Images can now be scaled / cropped when uploading and later on in the metadata editor
  • SVG image type is supported now
  • Numerous bug fixes


Stand-alone version (including Apache Tomcat 6.0.26). See installation instructions.

  • ZIP
    MD5: 8f7443abada39662bd3a10e5a26fb6d7
    SHA1: 0bf94e8fb0ce0c2ca4f2669758dc7ba6816a0ed1
  • TAR.GZ
    MD5: bf3f8819b98c0236411c0011b582f5ed
    SHA1: 8249a57ec1e832312703f6dd6d3fcc755b82df0d

Deployable Web Application. See installation instructions.

  • WAR
    MD5: d646593ca686cffd75820a3ff271d7ac
    SHA1: 015e4a6275deef6c56c5195d89f7476ff4ab125a

Upgrading from previous versions

The metadata editor had a bug that caused some language values to be always in english instead of the correct language. To fix this, please follow these instructions:

  1. Follow the Upgrade Guide up to step 4
  2. Unzip your content backup
  3. Download the attached content transformer JAR file
  4. run
    java -jar [path-to-jar]/docendo-backup-transformer-3.1.jar
    from a console window.
  5. Enter the information being asked for
  6. After the transformation process has finished, zip your content backup directory
  7. Finish the Upgrade Guide


  • Bug #98: Allow BibTex files with suffix *.bib to be imported
  • Bug #100: Insufficient rights associated with admineditinstancelicense
  • Bug #101: Error when deleting a resource
  • Bug #103: Wrong file extension when downloading a multi-file resource (Safari)
  • Bug #105: English Localisation incomplete
  • Bug #107: Adding resources to questions with type "multiple text entry" does not work
  • Bug #108: character encoding bug on platforms with encoding other than UTF-8
  • Bug #110: Missleading media size presets when uploading SWFs
  • Bug #114: Skipping comments in BibTex Files
  • Bug #115: Aggregated resources as popups do not work
  • Bug #116: Oversized select boxes in questions
  • Bug #117: Inline choices questions: setting of correct answer is ignored
  • Feature #8: Allow for hierarchical organisation of resources in a folder structure
  • Feature #10: Allow for batch processing resources
  • Feature #11: Allow for editable scaling/cropping of images
  • Feature #102: SVG image support
  • Feature #106: Re-implement metadata editor
  • Feature #109: Extend search filter by field "license type"

For changes on previous versions see the complete change log.

docendo-backup-transformer-3.1.jar - Backup transformer for docendo 3.1 (704 KB) Stephan Tittel, 06/21/2010 03:35 PM