Release Info

  • Version: 2.14
  • Previous version: 2.13
  • Branch: docendo-2.14
  • Status: stable
  • Release purpose: features / bug fixes
  • Release manager: tittel
  • Release date: 2009-10-02

Important Changes

  • Repository now supports full-text search on character based resources (issue #4)
  • Binary resources (e.g. PDF files) can now be included on course pages (issue #24)
  • External resources (e.g. YouTube videos, Websites, PDF files hosted on other hosts etc.) can now be managed and inserted or linked to on course pages (issue #25)
  • The frontend theme has been updated to the new design of docendo (issue #64)


Stand-alone version (including Apache Tomcat 6.0.20). See installation instructions.

  • ZIP
    MD5: 58c595e9719bff605eadcac276754b98
    SHA1: 6c782251b059a864aded3208e36cd48400075bc6
  • TAR.GZ
    MD5: 5350f5ca9974c47167bb1b68054479c0
    SHA1: c501bdac7fed8d5b97a4770ca484c05569e78c14

Deployable Web Application. See installation instructions.

  • WAR
    MD5: 2e1ff09a6e3b23dd80ef939e751223b8
    SHA1: 17a7dfc841c7c16233fa35a4e2abc12b24ecbaf2

Upgrading from previous versions

The database table layout and the resource content format for external resources has changed from previous versions. So there are special steps to follow when upgrading docendo to version 2.14:

  1. Follow the Upgrade Guide up to step 4
  2. Unzip your content backup
  3. Download the attached content transformer JAR file
  4. run
    java -jar [path-to-jar]/docendo-backup-transformer-2.14.jar
    from a console window.
  5. Enter the information being asked for
  6. After the transformation process has finished, zip your content backup directory
  7. Finish the Upgrade Guide


  • Feature #1: New question type: Essay with sample soulution [PRESS_01]
  • Feature #4: Implement full text search
  • Feature #6: Let author select from preset course layouts
  • Feature #9: Allow for insertion of media (images, flash, formulas) into table cells
  • Feature #13: Configuration of numbering of learning objects in SCORM package
  • Feature #23: Titled blocks with optional page navigation
  • Feature #24: Downloadable resources
  • Feature #25: Non-embedded External Resources
  • Feature #64: revise front-end theme
  • Feature #71: Sort search result by "relevance"
  • Feature #74: display thumbnails in search result
  • Feature #78: Preserve original filenames in course export packages
  • Feature #79: Add report functionality
  • Bug #37: Print function is broken
  • Bug #73: Course preview on empty course fails
  • Bug #75: update/dispatch configuration after import
  • Bug #76: can't remove acl definition
  • Bug #77: exporting nested tables results in error

For changes on previous versions see the complete change log.

docendo-backup-transformer-2.14.jar - Backup transformer for docendo 2.14 (593 KB) Stephan Tittel, 10/23/2009 03:44 PM